We welcome Hannah for her 2nd week in this her Photographer of the Month series. Hannah, who is English, combines freelance writing and photography with being parent and carer for her disabled son. She has an eye for the beautiful. This week she is Looking at the pouring rain…

‘Rain. It seems we have had nothing but for the last few weeks. So much for the Great British Summer!

The Jubilee weekend was mostly a washout in my area. This week, we have progressed to flash floods as well as torrential downpours.

My son is not at school this week – his year group are on a residential visit that he cannot access. I am actually pleased – the school run yesterday afternoon involved driving through flooded roads, with water flowing over the car bonnet. Not an experience I wish to repeat!

There is an upside to rain, however.

It can make for wonderful, beautiful photo opportunities.

Here are a few of my favourites that I wanted to share with you’.

BIO: Hannah Rachel Potter is a natural light photographer specialising in portraiture and fine art photography. Based in Sussex, England.

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