Recently I made some decisions about a few aspects of my life that I felt could be improved. Second on the list was a choice to try fresh juices. I’d heard and read about how effective they could be for all kinds of health issues.  I decided to give them a go; to see  if they might help my health, generally and specifically. I did a little research and I also talked it over with my naturopath.  I then, in my usual fashion did extensive research and identified the brand and model I wanted. I found it on sale, $50 off at a local store. I called a factory out-let and in the end saved $92. On the way home I stopped at a market and purchased a small mountain of fruit.

For my 1st attempt I used 2 carrots, a large red apple and a small red delicious, 2 oranges that I peeled and some smallish chunks of Ginger. I tasted so good.  Later in the week I used half a pineapple, the carrots, ginger and a granny smith (green) apple.

The machine was quieter than I expected. I was fascinated with the pulp, and thought how in the winter it would be great for soups etc but haven’t been able to think what to use the citrus pulp combo for. Any suggestions?

I was refereed to Dr Sandra Cabot’s book Raw Juices Can Save Your Life.

I am going to visit my local library and I have been dancing around Google for places to visit, and gain information, especially recipes.

I’d love to read about your adventures in juicing fruit and veg. What  combinations have worked for you?