Not men eating turkeys, not men are turkeys, not men with turkeys or men getting turkeys (that is another story) Men AND Turkeys.  Firstly to men. Not all men, but our men; that is the men that participated here in our 1st ‘Men’s Week.

To them we give thanks.


Karl participated in MOVEMBER.

Here is the result so far.



Karl writes:  This is the LAST WEEK of Movember. Have made it this far, with daily jokes at my expense for my 70’s Magnum PI Mo. Only one week to go to help me raise some much-needed funds to support the campaign of men’s health. If you have promised to send me something Please do it today.My Movember.   I will happily accept any amount, no matter how big or small. If you have donated, my thanks for your help so far.

A SPECIAL OFFER:  I would like to make a pledge for the last week, if you or anyone you know of needs Resizing, Repair Work or Rhodium Plating on their rings, please send them to me this week (ending 30th November ) and i will donate 100% of what they spend to the Movember campaign.

 Please spread the word and forward this to as many people as you can. My goal is to raise more than $1000 before the end of the month. 

Let’s get behind Karl and support him right to the end…



facial hair is the norm for this guy


introduced us to a very special artist


took us on a tour of his part of the world


dug deep in his heart and shared a life experience


showed us some of nature’s beauty.


~ T U R K E Y ~

if you are amongst the many many people cooking and eating turkey at this time of the year, and in a few more week we are asking you to tell us how. Yes, we want to know….

How to cook a turkey?

Please Leave a link to your blog post of instructions, leave the instructions, leave the link to the recipe of a site you found and have used. Just shed the light, people need to know. New brides, mothers taking over from Grandmothers, trendy young things, guys in the kitchen…