Brisbane is basking in a traditional winter of nippy cold mornings and glorious sun-drenched days. The world, certainly Australians, are watching the Olympics. The Australian cheer: Aussie Aussie Aussie followed by Oi Oi Oi (that’s like the Oy in boy) is heard and seen liberally. I’m surrounded by packing boxes and a lot of space. I’m downsizing and getting ready to move back to the city. But first, a Gold Coast holiday.
I don’t like living on the GC however I am going to attempt a change in attitude and view it as a holiday, since it’s just a stop over on the way to my city address.

I’ve made a list of Things to Do, and set myself some Photography goals.
I’m working on an article about a Regency Christmas in July Dinner I recently attended. Here is a taste…


We were all in costume but I could not recognise a Mr Darcy!   This month we have a wonderfully talented Western Australian photographer to introduce you to.  Watch for could not her 1st photos in a couple of days. Next week I will be introducing our newest Team Writer. 3rd Team Writer from a 3rd Country.

Would you like to in the spotlight as a Photographer of the Month here on A String of Pearls. Contact me – anywhere anyhow. The same applies if you would like to a writing Guest.
Here’ s a little treat from the Christmas Dinner.
Until next time, remember I am Thinking of you.♥ Jane