This poem is a lovely and original creation by Betsy Cross. It is her Christmas Gift. It is with her permission that we are able to share this with you for Christmas eve 2011. As this special day approaches I share this gift for you all.

Betsy’s Gift

I’ve got nothing to give and my heart aches sore,

My spirit is dragging way down to the floor.

Each shopper I pass with a cartload of gifts

Says silently no one but me feels like this.

I’ve thought of the Christ child when presents were brought

And laid at His feet, of the thoughts that He thought.

Did He have in the ready some gifts in return?

Can I watch His reaction? Is it my time to learn?

He probably knew as they followed the star

That the gifts that they brought on their journey so far

Were but small token reminders for them

Of the love and the honor they had for their King.

He knew that behind every gift was a man.

Some gave in haste, some had a great plan.

But when the true gift was opened He’d see

Inside of their hearts where their treasure would be.

But what of the poor who had nothing to share?

Did that show to Him that they did not care?

Just as I want to give something that comes from a store,

Did their heads hang low? Did their hearts ache sore?

He probably said, ” I’ve a gift you can give.

It’s inside of your heart and is shared as you live.

I’ve completed the mission I was sent here to do.

I’ve lived my life right. And I gave it to you.”

So I’ll learn from the Wise Men and at the Lord’s feet

Where frankincense, gold and myrrh were replete.

I’ll pray for my heart to be opened to show

The true gift of Christmas to all that I know.

I’ll lift my eyes up off the shopping mall floor.

I’ll smile into faces, and open some doors.

I’ll live my life right. I’ve a mission on Earth.

I’ll give what I am for I am of great worth!

©Betsy Cross 2011  Speaking of Gifts….Check out the image below:

Surely it is the world bending before,  and acknowledging The Real Giver of Gifts.

Finally a song to remember His birth.

May the Spirit of Christmas enter your heart and linger a long while. May you have joy in your day and loved ones in your arms…. ~ Jane & team ~

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.  Like many of you, I will be taking a break for a few days. I do hope I can get back to you before New Years Eve for ‘That was the Year That Was’. ie 2011 in review.

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