Stringing Pearls: Week commencing 26th February 2011

It’s been an interesting week, but then aren’t they all?

First up a reminder that Google is deactivating the Google Friends widget from all non Blogger (blogspot sites) – I have already removed it from here – Yep Google owns blogger and a whole bunch of other sites. At the moment it is easy to tell just what Google owns as they are introducing a new Privacy code, thus when you open a Google owned site you will get a pop-up inviting you to read the why and how etc of the new arrangements they are making with you. Nice huh? You don’t have to read it on every site, it’s uniform but do read it. Once will do.

What does this mean for our Google Friends? Now Subscribing is the new in thing to do. Yes, Subscribing is the new black.

We have placed up top, down the bottom and in the side bar places for you to subscribe. Only do this once. It’s quick easy and painless. No stress is involved. Also over on the right are the beautiful connect-bars we made so you can Follow Circle or View us in other places: Pinterest, Facebook etc. Just click the  one you want…hey click them all, we don’t mind.

The No-Sugar Experiment Progress Report  – Chole’s mum and I are well under way, though approaching this differently.

We farewell our Photographer for February. Jacqui had delighted us with images from her travels. Don’t forget to check out her last contribution.

We also introduced you to Catherine King, a woman fulfilling her dreams. And we invited you to contribute to the World wide charity Save the Children. 

On a personal level I made some progress with regard to my knee troubles. Plus I bought a new shelf.


A very busy week for me at Not Even A Bag of Sugar. The series of posts for children’s cancer charity CLICSargent ended with this one, about my son’s journey in NICU, a tale of survival, not just him but me.

I’ve been working hard to secure attendances at Blog Camp and Britmums Live. It’s so much fun meeting people that you feel you know through their writing.

Finally my big project is taking shape, for Not Even A Bag of Sugar to become a one stop resource for parents of premature babies, and also to promote the work of charities and work at home premmie mums.

PS Since Kylie wrote this Niow Niow, their 2nd cat went missing. But look!  Kylie sent ‘The good news is that Niow Niow is safe and well. The bad news is that Niow Niow is actually Pebbles. I’m very relieved Niow Niow is not dead in a ditch somewhere, but a bit heartbroken too. She is back at home with her family safe and sound’.

*Beautifully Kylie has explained to her young son that Pebbles is now back at home, but that he comes on holidays to them. They are hunting for a new kitten to be BamBam.