Now, in week 2, Adriana presents 'A Perspective of Lightness and Joy'.

Following with the theme of serenity and tranquillity, this week I had a few serendipitous moments that helped to make me appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Sometimes it's a matter of looking at the same thing from a different perspective, and a perhaps more positive one, to feel your mood and attitude change and lift.

If you tend to look at life from a “glass half empty” point of view, then that is all you will ever see – the negative, the bad, the difficult, the impossible, the ugly, the insurmountable. Turning it around and seeing the “glass half full”, doesn't change the facts  – the situation remains the same, but it does change your mindset and life becomes just that little bit brighter, lighter and easier to navigate.

I'd like to share an example with you. A few days ago I was in a position to overhear two middle-aged women loudly discussing an upcoming holiday they were about to embark on. Now, if I had looked at the situation from a “glass half empty” point of view, I would have felt anger toward their loud and unnecessary chatter. They were spoiling my appointment by going on and on and on about their trip – yeh, yeh, whatever, I would have thought….  I would have had a dark cloud hanging over my head to match the dark mood I would have been in. I would have complained to MOTH* that two women spoilt my day by being irritatingly loud and juvenile and didn't they realise it's so annoying to be so boastful…woe-is-me, I would also have thought!

People! Life is too short to spend it drowning in the vat of negativity!

Want to know what I actually did in the case of the loud and excitable middle-aged women? I revelled in their joy, so much so that nothing that day spoilt my spirits. I even blogged about it! I'm still smiling about it now as I  write this. I would rather be carried high on the wave of joy, serenity and contentment, than dwell in the pit of bitterness.

The images I've included were taken outside my side gate. They are simply weeds growing in one of the neighbour's lawns. I could bemoan the fact the neighbour should be out there mowing the lawn, or I could instead grab my camera and photograph the gorgeous patterns nature provides us. And the textured overlays I've used? Well, they're a result of a spilt cup of tea…

So, I set you a challenge for this week. The next time you find yourself in a situation where life becomes that “glass half empty”, STOP. Breathe. And turn the situation around and see life as a “glass half full” instead. Your blood pressure will thank you.

* MOTH = Man Of The House. View and Read Adriana's previous Contribution

©Adriana Glackin Photographs and Text