There is something about Paris.

It happens to me every time,doesn’t matter what season it is. I leave Charles De Gaulle airport and head up the highway which is a fairly normal experience and I think..maybe it is not going to happen this time? I get a little anxious like I am seeing my true love after weeks apart. Then we take an exit off the highway and head into Paris and my heart soars.

The old buildings, the cobble stone streets, the french people, the crazy driving just everything seems Perfect to me. This is why I went to Paris for five months and why I will always want to go back and live there.


To me, it is your ideal city. You can walk everywhere and yet there is no need to walk far as everything is at your doorstep. The markets, the butchers all display their food with pride. The Parisians can be a little rude at times but I even enjoy this. Words will never express my deep feelings for this city so I will let some of my photos show you what I love about Paris.


©Jacqueline Guglielmino    Last Week in Africa