Today in Queensland we celebrate Queensland Day – 6th June. This year it is part of Jubilee Week as we, the Commonwealth celebrate the Jubilee Year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth 2. Jen is a Queensland photographer, and I asked her to show and tell us what being a Queenslander means to her.

You can usually tell a Sydney refugee when you meet one.  We have that look of a ‘lucky escape’ about us; like we’re so grateful we got out.  We’re also slightly paranoid that one day our lives in the sunshine state will end and we’ll have to go back because of a job, a family illness or something else.

When you’re born on QLD you find attachment to this place naturally through the course of your life.  When you’re an imported species like me you have to make connections, deliberately.  So, we put down as many roots as we can; we make good friends, get interesting jobs, do stuff on weekends instead of just lament how we have no life because of our mortgage. 

To me personally, QLD means outside.  It means growth, sun, and relationships with nature. 

One of the best ways I can cultivate this is to regularly visit my family farm, where they grow figs and strawberries.  I am spoilt, without doubt.  In exchange for a few hours of picking figs I get a belly full of sweet straight-from-the-tree goodness.  One for me, one for you!

I can’t eat figs any other way these days… Like I said; spoilt.

 Why do you love being a Queenslander?

Where have you come from?

If you are not a Queenslander, what have you seen that you love?