Although it could be said that R2D2 (phonetically spelled Artoo-Detoo, and called “R2” or “Artoo” for short. That’s from his/its Wiki page. Yes! He/It has a Wiki page!) is cheerful, positive and supportive. Feel free to argue in a comment if you disagree that R2BC is not a friend of R2-D2

R2BC WEEK 18 for them but this is week one for me.

R2BC is in fact Reasons to be Cheerful. You make a little list and you jump over here to link up.

Fay from Glass Half Full got me into this…if she could be cheerful after the discovery of #Tedthetumour then who am I not to be.Please Go visit Fay. 

1 I managed to wash and dry my summer white linens in a sunny autumn breeze. Come November I will be glad I did.
2. I transferred my summer wardrobe to my studio wardrobe and bought the winter clothes into my main wardrobe, before serious need compelled me to.
3. THE BEST THING I completed the A to Z April Challenge publishing excerpts from my Trilogy ‘The Avalon Journals’ I published all 26, plus wrote some serious articles and had a 4 day migraine a week of depression and a possible cancer diagnosis. (add links) plus launched a $usa250.00 Giveaway.
4. Names for The Doll, and associated discussions are coming in. I’m loving the choices. Feel free to add the name your think suits her. Read this for information about who why and where.

5. With fantastic assistance from super-sleuth Debbie, I have recognised what I was imagining as The Doll. Here she is...small drum roll please. This is how I imagined she looked when she first appears in the story. Not unlike the little girl she is given to. (Visit where Debbie found her)

5. Miss 7 sat on my knee and continued with her knitting. She is pleased with how it is looking. She is knitting a fairy floss pink fluffy soft scarf for herself.

6. Kylie, our Team Writer has been Published on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Blog ‘Impatient Optimists’ (great name huh) Kylie is a tireless activist for better care of pregnant women and their unborn babies. Please read Kylie’s story. 



There are still a few more days for you to enter the $USA250 GIVEAWAY. Bought to you by A Family Village, ‘A String of Pearls’ is a co-sponsor in this with 26 other great sites, and businesses. The $ will be paid into your pay pal account so it is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY. 

Our Photographer of month shared some faces that she loves.

 Do you have faces or places you would love to share? 

Thinking of you, ♥  Jane