As soon as I came across the A to Z challenge I knew it was for me. It was time. Time to pull my writing up and out of the bottom drawer. Time to share with potential readers.

And all to soon it was over and here I am Reflecting upon A-Z 2012.

I was excited to read what others were posting. I started visiting other blogs. Working from the end if the link list up and from the top down.

Unfortunately I ran into a massive migraine and then fell into depression. I am back working through all your delightful contributions.

I found blogs that spoke to my heritage. (a swedish blog) I came across blogs that helped me with my writing and research.(civil war blog)  Blogs that fired my imagination.

People were reading and commenting  favourably, on my writing excerpts.
I made new friends, like Jim from Jordan, and many others.

People entered my life who were helpful and supportive. (Dr Rhia )
Yet others have eagerly participated in my search for a name for The Doll. I will have to draw a selection soon, so if you have an idea let me know. Read the current suggestions.   

Debbie has even helped me identify the Doll.

View her here.

*I wrote this last week but today I am migrainey, nauseated and cannot recall your links. I will come back and add them. 

A2Z turned out to be an inspirational motivational sociable and great fun. 

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Number 383 on the Reflections Link List – check out the other survivors.

I have already resolved to take part next year and know exactly what I will be sharing.
Thank you all for sharing and caring.