I am so very happy and delighted to Introduce our newest Team Writer, Rosemary. We met earlier this year via social media and have become good friends. Rosemary has dug through the archives of A String of Pearls, and read pretty much everything we have published.

Roaming Rosemary, Elizabeth Bennet and me, we are the three women here today.

I asked Rosemary to tell me about her life. As she dashed up and down the eastern seaboard of USA/Canada (but on land) She sent me this…

The short tale of a life so far:
Went to school and studied nursing in Montreal.
Married and raised three children in Ontario.
Took up snow-boarding at age 50.

Got tired of crying my eyes out with my face planted in snowbanks three years later and went back to skiing.

Began boating off-shore 13 years ago and have become an avid deep-sea fisher.
I like to tell stories, take pictures, knit sweaters and quilt.  I read all the time, sometimes two books at once.
Now a Grandma to four little sweethearts and counting.
Will celebrate my 37th wedding anniversary this November.
My life goal and ongoing life challenge is to grow deeper in faith and live as a true Christ follower.

FaceBook:  Rosemary Nickerson
Email:  rosemary.nickerson@sympatico.ca
Twitter:  @Standing_Firm

Next week we will be publishing Rosemary’s first article for us.

Meantime I am continuing on the Gold Coast, here in Queensland. I checked out the Robina Town Centre and came across some lovely things.


I am 3/4 through reading this book. It continues the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy.

Thinking of you,  ♥ Jane