Serenity Now – a Moment of Stillness.   How busy have our lives become? Whether it’s family, friends, work and careers, we seem to spend our lives trying to get to the bottom of our never-ending ‘To Do’ lists. We’re pulled in so many directions; do we ever get a chance to sit back and relax and to just enjoy? You know, just enjoy life? What a concept that is?

As a photographer, one of the aspects of daylight long exposure photography that I enjoy so much is the fact that once I set the camera and press the shutter, I then have some moments of stillness where I can sit back and take in the beauty that surrounds me. I sit and simply enjoy the peace, the quiet, the gentle sounds of nature. My mind becomes quiet, I don’t even think of the photograph I’m taking – that is simply a bonus in the process.

You don’t need to live near the sea or bushland in order to experience the quietness and tranquility. Walk to your nearest park and sit on the park bench or lie on the grass – shut out the sounds of suburbia and make your mind become still. This simple exercise will help bring a calmness – even if for a few moments. You deserve a few moments of stillness away from our daily demands. Have a try, and see for yourself just how serene it really is out there.

© All Work (Images & Text) Copyright Adriana Glackin 2011

Adriana is a wife mother, and photographer living in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney. I am inspired by nature, driven by curiosity and I find the promise of artistic interpretation very exciting.
My tastes are eclectic; my photographic journeys lead me to a world where blur and detail, colour and monotone, lines and curves and light and shade are equally enticing.  Visit Adriana’s Blog ‘Virtual Jottings’  View her Flickr Page and purchase her work through Red Bubble

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