Hey I am organised. What happened? I used to take part in many challenges but a lot of them have dropped away or I have wandered off…However these 2 really appeal to me. I have been pulling myself up from a depression episode (and it is working) and so R2BC is just right for me. The other is an outlet for my photography. I have this week been looking through what I have done in the past and wondered why I stopped doing something I love so much. Also I am Beta testing a groovy new Pinterest Plugin….

Here we go then…snapturing winter cheer

R2BC Week 22….Visit the Blog Hop...



1st June – Winter arrives down in the Northern hemisphere.  Check out this list…
* neuropath who can work out long time medical mysteries. She is hot on the trail

* Good hair days – humidity is low so hair happy is high

* Knowing how to make soup thanks to mum and others

* My slow cooker for the soup

* Strawberry plants that have started to produce fruit. Albeit teeny tiny…

* Photography – which I have been wondering why I gave it up, or just sort of stopped. Below is my entry in

 Black and White Wednesday

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thinking of you, always. ♥ Jane…oh no look what was just dropped off to me….now that’s trouble.