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Week commencing 19th Feb 2012



Today Miss 3 became Miss 4. I ask you, is there anything more exciting?

I made a big decision last week. Read The Sugar Experiment. (see above)

Later this week I visit with the Orthopod surgeon – we are not on first name basis –  to further discuss my knees. It has been a tough week pain wise.

I am excited my sister is coming to visit, bringing with her the Thai student that is staying with her. We are in for a homemade Thai feast.




‘Not even a Bag of Sugar‘  now has a cool blue look, Please visit me there and read my birthday review as I have reached a  2nd birthday  on blogspot.

I am on the

Top 25 Moms with Inspiring Families – 2012  List. Please vote for me..

and you can vote daily.



When, and if I get a break in my crazy – think music videos, flash mobs etc – I will be submitting an article about being electronically finger printed.


L A S  T   W E E K:

Just a week ago Naomi from Seven Cherubs posted the amazing result of the fundraising for Lisa King in Tasmania?

Also Molly made A Confession and SolutionsAnnie was launched

Did you gaze spell-bound at the magical Carousels of France that Jacqui shared with us? Her images of France are beautiful. We have made them as large as we can and with no sidebar you really can enjoy the detail.  Next Sunday is her last in this series.

No doubt you will have noticed small changes and improvements. This is the behind the scenes tweeking that is happening all the time as we strive to make your visits more pleasant, and easier.

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Have a great week

Hugs,  The Team.