Yes we are at Day 6.

Only 9 Days until Christmas…are you getting this and everything else done?

Today’s memory: Another couple we know,  who also lived in a gated complex, but not the one we lived in, was on the receiving end of this Christmas love. My teens used to park near by and wait for the electronic gates to be opened. Sometimes it was quite a wait. The front door was rather exposed but somehow they managed to knock and run. For a long time this lovely couple thought it was a family inside the complex that was playing secret santa.

Have you heard any funny stories from your recipient yet?

Day 6

on the 6th day of Christmas

with 6 more left to go,

take time to trim the Christmas tree

and hang some mistletoe.

we’re sure by now you need a break

to have a nice cold drink

six cans of pop is sure to help

at least that’s what we think…