Good morning/evening everyone. Where have I been you ask?

I'm down on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland Australia. Fabulous weather for the beach. Not that I'm a beach-gal except to photograph it from a distance.

Ok I did get closer than that 1st photo. I'm using or learning to use Blogsy so excuse the layout issues.

The best photo of the day is going onto someone else's website, when it is up I will let you know. I went out specifically to get the shot.

I visited the Library the other day always high risk in winter – for me – I've been so well for so long I forgot the rules and I stayed, I lingered and I used a public computer. And I forgot to wash my hands afterwards and when a women near me sneezed I noted it but did I get up and leave? Nooooo

So now I am sick. It's not the flu, thankfully but a really heavy duty cold. Thus I am surrounded by a mini chemist shop/drugstore, with boxes of tissues and a full rubbish bin. Books n pills n potions and assorted liquids and all the things that get one through these events.

We were going to do the sky walk today but that's on hold now. I'm going to try and insert a photo here. Wish me luck.

Also I have been reading up and watching everything I can find about Julian Assange, Wikileaks and the whole Ecuador Embassy/Swedish Legal proceedings issue. I felt I needed to form my own opinion on this. I mean I seriously felt I had to research all this. (I have read everything I could find and used a lot of BB in doing so, opinions and sources vary so much.) Which I have now done. More about that later. Yesterday I came upon this interesting tweet. Sorry it's not cropped neatly, I am at the mercy of my circumstances.

I am delighted to see Tammy Our East Coast USA Team Writer back. I note also that Rosemary our newest Team Writer (East Coast Canada) has been well and warmly received by you. She is working on her next article now.

Faye Tollison and the other women I have interviewed recently have been attracting new readers and I have enjoyed getting to now these creative women, clearly you have too. We have more fabulous interviews to share – so tab us to your Favourites or Add to your screen on your iDevice or whatsoever you normally use.

I'm still on the hunt for lovely men to contribute during our annual Men's Week in November. Contact me if you have a suggestion re who I might approach. Or have the man in your life, husband boyfriend father etc contact me.

Ok it's potion time – blah! And even though I'm crook (Aussie for unwell/sick) remember

I'm thinking of you (heart) Jane