You missed us didn’t you? Well, miss us no more – the PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE BACK.

I am looking for TEN big-hearted Aussies. Just ten. Why? TTP needs YOUR help. 

10 days, ten people, $10,000. That’s TTPs fundraising goal. The plan? Ask 10 friends to donate $10 each.
If 100 people do this, we can raise $10,000 to help support young adults with disabilities.
Donations are tax-deductible. Donate via this secure ‘MyCause‘ page. Leave me a comment if you need further assistance.

Learn more about TTP’s amazing work with disabled young adults.


Today we welcome The Diva Diesel, Moose and a Photographer – for the month of May we are in for some interesting photography.

Carrey writes ‘She is my Diva and the photo shoot I just did with her is hilarious!
She sat all dressed up for over 100 pictures, and didn’t want me to take off her tiara or boa.

Her name is Diesel and she is 5 years old. We have had her since she was a puppy (6 weeks)
and is totally part of the family.

She has no idea she is a dog and thinks she is a human. Before we go to bed at night we have to tuck her
in on her couch and when I home office we have lunch together and watch Days of Our Lives (soap opera).

I also have included a couple of our other dog “Moose” she gets kinda jealous when I take so
many pictures of Diesel-she really shouldn’t. She is a cutie as well and loves her picture taken too.’

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