It’s quite a yarn; to go from sheep’s back to Tapestry.

First the sheep is shorn, then after the wool is gathered it needs to be washed and spun

~ wild wool through the spinning wheel into useable wool ~

Next…spun & dyed wools are selected for the colour range required. Then using the wool winder they are blended into a continuous thread so The Weaver does not have to start new each time there is a colour change. You can see the criss-cross pattern in the bottom image of the below series. Watch the short video to see the wool winder in action. Then see the new tapestry being made on a vertical loom. 

these are bobbins, for large regular and tiny tapestry work

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=””]


and below is the miniature from the front page

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What have you made that involved every step required?