How wonderful it is that we have 7 new days each week to begin again. 52 opportunities to start the week afresh. 12 fantastic months to freshly apply a new attitude, a kinder touch, a happier disposition and a regular new year to wipe our slate and write anew We all face challenges. Some are annual, some are seasonal, others are daily and for many there is the struggle to get from this hour to the next. For some the struggle is not time controlled but circumstantial. It’s hard to believe it will get better. Can you hold onto it will not get worse? Can you grasp that it will not be more than you can carry…Please do
Recently I struggled during a physically overwhelming battle with pneumonia. It came hard on the heels of pleurisy. (one on Christmas eve the next on New Years) After yet another coughing fit I asked if this could please not get worse, I pled that I was at the limit of my physical capacity. I sank back onto my many pillows and slept. For three whole hours. I woke and the cough had eased. It continued on and off but not so hard or relentless. The next day was better…and the next. How wonderful that we have’ next days’. Don’t waste them. And don’t be afraid to ask for help…the best help for women is from other women. If you need,ask. And if you are asked, please give.

 How have you started over this week, this month or this year? When you have asked for help, what happened? How about when you gave help to another women? What happened next?