It wasn’t working. The site I mean. The stress however was, well if I had been in a clinical test to measure extremes I would have been golden.

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t think of anything else. I wandered around thinking relentlessly and some of it spilled over into out loud discussions with myself as I considered the options. I wrote about one of them.  3 Reasons to…

I happened to write to Danny Iny..I think I had signed up for a webinar. Yes That’s what it was..and he responded, and I wrote back and at some point my site troubles were raised and he suggested….

Just a few weeks before all this stress and drama I had proclaimed during the weekly #gsmc that I had no plans to outsource anything as I liked, yes LIKED all the fiddling about under the bonnet, so to speak. I like the challenge, struggle and eventual success of getting things to work.

Yet here I was…looking at Danny’s suggestion. Seriously.  I did my usual research. But was I ready to go toe-dipping?

I emailed the contact address. All the answers were what I wanted and the email was signed Danny.

Danny? Was I writing to the same Danny at a different address. (Yes I do know there are million of Dannys in the world, but it was a strange coincidence, or to my stressed mind it was)

Enquires produced reassurance from Danny 1 that he was not the other Danny as well. After exhaustive questions, 5 stars to Danny 2 for getting through them all…I signed up. I wrote to Danny 1 and told him what I had done.

Now came the transfer process, a few unexpected hitches, during which I had Danny 2 take the site down. I was confused, I didn’t want to confuse you. We that is HE sorted out 95% of the issues and we relaunched.

Referring in conversation to Danny 1 and Danny 2 became mega complex and so having established that Danny 2 was not in New York, (why had I thought that? Danny 1 is not even there? ) I referred light-heartedly to ‘my man in London’ and it stuck.

Meet Danny One

Meet Danny Two – aka My Man in London.

As you know I am in Australia, with the time difference, I can send off a concern to my man in London, who it turns out is infact My MEN in London, and get on with writing and my life in general until evening arrives and the response pops up in my email. Just a note here: the emails inform me of what they have done, what they are doing or seek further info from me. I send them groovy little screen caps.  It’s a wonderful stress free way of taking care of business. And the price is right.

I highly recommend OutstandingSetUp

A-Z Update

Meet Fudge.  As in F is for….

‘The Avalon Journals’. BONUS – the girl child was born in England in 1844/5. In Glastonbury to be more precise. (This is not an Arthurian Legend) Her mother was Royal and her father a commoner. Worse than that he was French.

I have been planning a series or articles, and I have Guests contributions just waiting to be published.

After Easter (imagine most relevant image to you on the subject of Easter) I HOPE to resume normal transmission….only better.

Danny 1 and Danny 2 My Man in London are working hard to help that be the case.
And yes Jon Morrow, but he is a whole article on his own…I will get to him, you’ll love it, him

Remember Easter is firstly a season of hope.  And the symbols we use to celebrate with children ie eggs bunnies etc are the symbolic representations of new life.  This is what Easter is about. If it is a great break from your daily pressures to join with family and friends over a beloved menu, then go for it.  What ever it is to you, make the best of it.

thinking of you….