We are in the last week of the 2012 A-Z Challenge #AZchallenge

I have found some of the final letters of the alphabet are quite challenging. 

Tuesday 24th U is for Unexpectedly/Understanding 

One day most unexpectedly Popitt taught them something; something even she did not know she knew.

Aiken was reading the 1837 book The Pirates (real book – enter actual details (that’s a note to me. The library actually found the book I wanted.)  Popitt and Jerrick were acting the story out. Dashing around with invisible make-believe swords, suddenly the dinning room table became the deck of the pirate ship – Jerrick pulled Popitt to safety just as the attacking vessel sailed past.  “We are safe” he shouted brandishing his sword over his head….

“Merci, merci” replied Popitt and said on in a gush of French! Her words fell into a shocked silence followed by the  snapping shut of the book in Aiken’s hand.

of course this is not how Paris looked in 1848 but it suits my purposes today – roll over for credit

In two bounds he was beside her.  The brothers were were equally stunned. Their astonishment was mirrored on Popitt’s face……

“Parlez vous Françoise”? Aiken ventured? You Speak French?

“Oui, je fais”…..she looked startled and then looked like she was going to cry ….Yes, I do

Aiken reached out and took her hand, enough to comfort but not so much as to disturb the moment.

“Je suis Aiken qui êtes-vous??” I am Aiken who are you?

Her eyes cleared and her chin tilted up

“Je suis…..Je suis, ah mmmm…  Je suis Popitt!” she smiled.

Aiken asked her in French how old she was, where she lived and many other common questions. All the answers came in perfect French but were relative to The Grange and the life she had there. Not a word or inkling of memory from before he found her.

Can you name Popitt’s doll for me? There is chocolate involved. 

front page image is Salons Pleyel 20, rue Rochechouard in Paris, where Popitt attended a very important event (with her father) when she was age 4 or 5.