Don’t panic it is going to happen. Just a little housekeeping to be done first.

1. When you scroll over the lovely christmas decorations of each day you will see the credit for the designer. I have been collecting these digital creations for years, and have given it my best shot. If anything is incorrect or unclear please leave me a comment with your question.

2nd Days 2 -12 will be published at 8:55am my local time. That’s Brisbane Australia. Use this world time helper. (its 5pm Monday now, so the next one is in just under 16 hours.

A far better way will be to SUBSCRIBE – over there on the right. That way you will receive an email with each days UPDATE, that is Poem for the day etc.

Just a little nudge, when you SUBSCRIBE you will need to follow through with clicking on the ink in the CONFIRMATION email.

It is a 2 step process. Lastly, there is nothing expensive in this, it’s about the Christmas Spirit, the thoughtfulness, the fun.

Not money.

Unless you want to go crazy on Day 12. That’s up to you.

We would love to hear back from you about your adventures in santa stealth, so please leave your update so we can all share.

Remember now, softly softly….