This is a FACEBOOK FOCUS –  Today we are talking with Diane from Virtual Gestures

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I believe we 1st met on the #LYMChat on Twitter…*Tuesdays 9pm EST USA

Diane, please tell us a little about your background, family education travels dreams etc

I grew up in the Mid West of the United States in a Big Fat Greek American Family!

When did you 1st start using computers and the internet?

It was the 1980’s just as I was graduating from College. It is incredible the changes and growth of the computer to date.

What are you passionate about? And why?

My passion has always been working with Abused and Neglected children. I graduated from college with a Social Work Degree and worked with children for over 15 years. Children are vulnerable and need to be protected. I am involved in a wonderful organization, Olive Crest in Bellevue, Wa. Working with families to make them strong and keep kids safe.

Why did you create Virtual Gestures?

I created Virtual Gestures after returning from trips to Spain, Italy, France and wanted to post pictures to Facebook that would tell my story in a creative way of my adventures. On Facebook, pictures were static and did not convey a story I wanted to tell, therefore, I saw a need to develop an app that would provide a creative platform to tell my story. PhotoPad was designed and developed for users to have instant photo sharing fun with virtual Photobooks, Postcard, eCards and Cool Animations. It takes dry Facebook pictures and turns them into stylish and memorable pictures for all to enjoy. I am in the final phase of gamifying PhotoPad which will soon be released.

Do love the journey or the destination?

 I love the journey because you keep growing and changing. This makes you successful!

How do you measure success today?

When you know you helped someone change their life for the better.

Now for a bit of fun….

Diane, these are the famous 10 Questions from inside the Actors Studio, slightly adapted.

1. What is your favourite word? “Gotcha”

2. What is your least favourite word?Can’t” I cringe if I hear it?

3. What excites you?  I get excited by surrounding myself with people with great ideas & positive energy.  Being Greek I am hyper and go a mile a minute, so I need to multi task and get things done.

4. What bores you? Negativity

5. What sound do you love? The sound I love is the Ocean, water crashing against the rocks or walls like I heard in Italy.

6. What sound do you hate? I absolutely hate screeching sounds like a chalk board

7. What do you love doing most? I love to travel, love the Symphony and culture. I love learning about different cultures and traditions. I am so fascinated by what inspires people.

8. What profession would you not like to do? Computer Programmer

9. Chocolate or not chocolate? Ha! Definitely Chocolate!

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?  The gates are open!

Diane, Thanks for talking with us, we wish you every success and we look forward to seeing you somewhere on Social Media Groups


©Diane from Virtual Gestures.

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