My husband does the shopping in our house. He’s been doing it for years. I’ll make up the menu for the week then list all the ingredients that will be needed and he’ll go get them….and sometimes more than what is on the list. The man cannot walk past a great mark-down deal.

Two weeks ago we were both going through the sales catalogues that arrive in the mail. There was a great price on chicken breasts. They were $1.20/pound. That is INCREDIBLE!! We were used to getting them for $9/kilo on special back in Australia so this was something we didn’t want to pass up. There was a catch of course. The catch was you had to buy them in a 40 pound box.

With the idea of 40lbs of chicken in mind and NO freezer (except of course the one attached to the fridge) we had to pass up this offer.

In time my husband returned home from shopping. He brought all the bags in from the car then informed me that he had gone ahead and bought the box of chicken.

I quickly reminded him “WE DON’T HAVE A FREEZER!”

“We’ll have to get one” he answered.

And so we did.

I wonder if the same thing would work for me if I came home with an iPad cover.

Him…”But you don’t have an iPad”.

Me…”I’ll have to get one then!”

Have you or someone you love, gone shopping for one thing and come back with something completely different or unusual simply because it was a great bargain?

(Photo…my son helped me move the freezer into a perfect spot but the only way he could get out from behind it was by climbing over the top.)