Continuing on from last week, Alycia writes….Then I grab my camera and I am able to block out the big picture and focus on the little things around me that define serenity to me.

One of our many puppies tired from play and sleeping at my feet. Rhythmic breathing, soft fur and not a care in the world. Serenity found in the calmness.

A set of footprints in the sand of the beach. Lazy strolling steps hand in hand while gazing at the softly lapping water. Serenity in love…

On New Years Day (2011)  Alycia began a new chapter in her life.

doesn’t she look beautiful? Happy and serene…however around the lovely couple this is what was happening 

©Alycia Adams Neighbours

Alycia is a mother, photographer and writer in the Middle Tennessee area. Although a successful portrait photographer, her real passion is capturing the small and often overlooked beauty that surrounds us daily. She writes the blog “Color Me Happy” ( and uses her photography principles in her writing as well; often taking the small moments and applying it to a deeper meaning through life and faith

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