Don’t skip this post just because I used the B word. This is about Real Beauty. The stuff that really matters. Remember, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A cliche?  Maybe,  however,  and we also now know that inner beauty makes for outer beauty. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to interview Traci S Campbell. We had never met and only exchanged brief emails. What a fantastic time it was, we really clicked as we discussed the needs of women across the world. I want to share our conversation, and laughter.




Who is Traci? She is a dynamic woman of vision. She is the personification of turning lemons into lemonade.  Traci took a challenging life experience and turned it around to reach out and lift others.  Now we all know, you cannot keep a good idea down…one thing lead to another and Traci is about to launch her BeautyIn BeautyOut Tour (more about that in the interview..) click the blue text below (yes I need to learn to insert a podcast – ever learning ever becoming)

Traci & Jane talk about Women

~ What do you think makes a woman beautiful? ~