A strange title and a whimsical sounding story, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, is in fact a charming movie.

Yet beyond the charm are life lessons well worth the learning.

A story of wealthy indulgence is soon shown to be a grand vision. And the Grand Vision soon is dealing with the seemingly minutiae of life. But our lives are built with building blocks of minutiae. That moment when we turn from out intended path and take a small, different step. We are not salmon with DNA that decides for us what course we will take. The risks and rewards are there for us to choose. Beyond science, this is a story of faith. What will you choose today?

In the A-Z Challenge 2012 we are up to the letter Y. Y is for Your Mother’s Pearls is published. Z is the real challenge for me. Is there a Z anywhere in ‘The Avalon Journals’? …I have found the final scene of Book 3. Will that do I wonder? Don’t forget to watch for this….

and what did the film teach me? It taught me that my dreams can come true. If I work at them.

original book cover is image is here 

Do you dream? Do you believe in what you dream?

Thinking of you ♥  Jane