Being able to able to cook great basics means less stress. These eggs can be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The instructions are below….

1 Take 3 eggs (I use 700gms)

2 Crack into a bowl and whisk with a fork (or a whisk)

3 Open Sour Cream whisk.

4 Add 1 or 2 teaspoons to the egg mix

5 Mix in. Don’t worry about the lumps, they will melt later.

6 Wash generous bunch Parsley, remove stalks. Chop finely. Chop across one way, then across the other way.

7 Add parsley to the egg mix. Fold in.

8 Cook toast, whole grain is good.

9 Melt butter in pan

10 Pour egg mix into the heated pan.

11 Push egg into center of the pan as it cooks

12 Cook as much as you want, some people like eggs moist other dry.

For variety, replace the parsley with small (tiny) cubes of soft cheese. These will melt and make the eggs even more delicious. And don’t forget bacon goes great with eggs. Or salad.

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