The very lovely Gayle Howard has been our Photographer of the Month for October…She recently received her new iPhone 5 and quickly discovered the Panorama facility. Look what she has made for us.  Gayle will be back in December with a special assignment for us.

Gayle Howard is professional resume writer and founder and owner of Top Margin—a multi-award winning resume service catering primarily to helping executives score their next big gig. Gayle loves words; she respects the power they can wield, and she is devoted to using rich nuances of language to inspire people to act. When she unleashes the power of words and positions herself at her iMac to create magic—technology, words and Gayle unite to form an unbeatable team.

And so it is with her photography. An enthusiastic iPhoneographer, Gayle is constantly using technology to capture images that inspire her. Whether it is the crisp outline of a bare tree branch against a cold winter sky, unusual cloud formations, or a night sky in her beloved city of Melbourne, Gayle creates time capsule imagery that tells a story and evokes feelings of nostalgia, happiness and poignancy.

Find Gayle on social media:

Twitter: @gaylehoward