We missed you and I know you missed us. How do I know? You told us…

How are you all? I have been thinking about you all. Keeping up as best I could with the events of your lives.

So much has happened in our down time.

And so we come to the wonders of WiFi and the Horrors of Sandy. At last wifi has been installed and working. There was a hitch that caused a delay but it was all resolved quickly and efficiently. Love my iPad but tethering has some really serious limitations.

Sandy hit New York big time. New Jersey and Staten Island suffered and continue to suffer as snow arrived. Mark, our

team writer in New York, indeed on Staten Island has written of his experiences.

The northern hemisphere moved rapidly though Fall to Winter.

Summer slowly arrived down here in the southern hemisphere.

USA had their election. Enough said.

Speaking of snow, Wendy reported an 18 inch dump over night.

The cricket season started with South Africa pressuring the Aussie from day one.

Men’s Week will be happening, as soon as I can get everything together. I hope you are supporting the men in your life as they embrace the challenge of Movember.  Please support Karl’s fundraiser efforts. . He is a great supporter of this site and of good works in general. More from Karl in the Movember Men’s Week.

It is due to the memory of a dear friend, Rick, that we have embraced this annual November Challenge. Rick was a constant loyal friend. Blessed with a great sense of humour, and powerful imagination. He had an extraordinary ability to stand by people, to see the best in them and support them in the things they wanted to do. With his sparkly brown eyes, kiss on the cheek for your arrival or departure, and always without fail, holding doors open, meant that one always felt as if you were a very special person. And we are. But so is Rick.  Married to a special friend, he is a much-loved husband, wonderful father and fun grandfather, and dearest of friends. Rick is ever missed. He is not with us now, and yet he always is. 

The funds raised from Movember will aid research into Prostrate cancer and other aspects of men’s health.

We have some wonderful articles coming up, which we hope you will enjoy. And yes some more great interviews with amazing women.

Thinking of you, ♥ Jane