This month we welcome back Adriana from the New South Wales Blue Mountains. Adriana has been a Photographer of the Month for us before. This time she has gotten all creative and is sharing a little of her region’s delights through Postcards from the Blue Mountains.

Quite often when visitors think of the Blue Mountains they think of The Three Sisters at Echo Point, or the many beautiful walks, lookouts and waterfalls of the upper mountains or even the beautiful gardens in Leura. These are all stunning attractions, but there are many more and over the next four weeks, I’m going to give you a little taste of what else the Blue Mountains has to offer.

Starting with the village of Glenbrook, found at the foot of the Blue Mountains, there are some gorgeous gift shops and cafes that have much to offer the day tripper. In fact, if you’ve only ever driven past on your way up to the upper mountains, or only stopped at the Information Centre, then perhaps next time allow a little more time to drive to the village itself and have a wander around the gorgeous little shops.

One such shop is Loganberry Lane. Jan is a local and has been Loganberry Lane’s owner for the past 14 months. The shop is brimming with glorious goodies from homewares, babyswear, giftware, clothing and sleepwear. Their window is always a riot of colour and it’s easy to lose yourself within the shop for hours at a time as you wander around marvelling at all the knick knacks. Jan carries an exclusive range of giftware including “Little Lyla and Little Owie” as well as “My Sweet Pea” and “Serena’s” – the sweetest handmade babyswear, childrenswear and giftware you’ll come across.

Once you’ve exhausted yourself in Loganberry Lane, there’s at least 5 delicious cafes you can sit and replenish your energy in before you continue with your journey.

If you’re not local but would like to see more of the goodies in Loganberry lane, you can like their Facebook page.


Serena’s handcrafted garlands


Little Lyla and Little Owie range of childrenswear

Gorgeous giftware

 Jewellery and clothing

Scented products for Him and Her

 My Sweet Pea range of babyswear

 Jan will beautifully gift wrap your purchase.

Loganberry Lane Address: 3/5 Ross Street, Glenbrook.


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