The last few weeks of my winter have seen me a little distracted but as Spring arrived I felt a renewed energy and desire to be focused upon the things that are important in my life.

Thank you to Ali for the wonderful images we were able to publish during August as she was our Photographer of the Month. The Australia wide ‘Seaside Sculptures’ is always interesting.

This month as the seasons change we welcome back Adriana, a resident of New South Wales’ Blue Mountain area. Adriana is going to be sharing with us some of the local flavour of life in her district. What I’ve seen so far is very exciting.

A few days ago I was in Brisbane and caught this unusual moody picture of the city I love. Meanwhile I continue my sojourn on the Gold Coast, enjoying an extended holiday. Did you hear that relaxed sigh? T’was me.

Brisbane as viewed from Kangaroo Point cliffs.

I’m reading the ‘Unauthorised Autobiography’ of Julian Assange. That sounds like an oxymoron, yet it’s not. Pick up a copy and read ‘A note from the Publisher’. It is to be hoped the royalties are flowing direct to Mr Assange! Having decided I am a *’conservative’ supporter of this man and especially his Wikileaks work, I wanted to hear his voice telling his story. I’ve watched several You Tube interviews – just enter his name into their search box and take your pick – including his latest interview from inside the Ecuadorian Embassy. Creatively juggling limited broadband access I needed a book. *conservative as here applied (by me) means I am not flying off to London to join the supporters outside the Embassy where Julian Assange now anticipates a 6-12 month residency. I do not intend to join rallies etc thus it could be said my support is not a physical act. There are other ways. And yes, I do believe if my mother was alive, and well she would be in London with a placard or chained to something.

This month is an important one for A String of Pearls. We have a new – rather different – Team Writer joining us. Mark from New York will be joining us. You see the difference? As a life time resident and amateur – though very well informed – historian he will be sharing insights and experiences from this great City and surrounds. NewYork holds a great fascination to many of us. We are drawn to it one way or another. As I have come to know Mark and respect his knowledge and insights I began to feel that what he could share with us was far more important than the fact that he was male or more plainly put, not a woman. Yes, A String of Pearls promotes itself as For Women, by Women. And that has been the case so far, except for our November ‘Men’s Week’. I feel though, that as smart women -and that’s all of us, right? – we will quickly see what Mark offers is great reading and poignant insight. And we want quality, we want to really know and so to that end, welcome Mark. We will be publishing Mark’s 1st article next week.

I am delighted to see the evidence of good thinking and fabulous creativity on the part of Kelly – who always exhibited such traits on her blog – with the launch of her new, much needed enterprise, EatPicks. and @eatpicks Are you into food? Write about it etc? Go visits and see her amazing work.

~ Personal Endorsements ~

These are not a paid endorsements. I paid for the services I received. I’ve made a personal policy to share where I get good service. If you have a different experience don’t blame me. Mine has been great.


If you are in Brisbane and needing your carpets etc cleaned I highly recommend Andrew from maxigard – cleaning up since 1990. He did a fabulous job at my last home including upholstery – which came up like new – call him on 1300 629 442

Storage King at Springwood south of Brisbane also gets a tick from me. 07 3208 6788 or a google search will get you to their site.

Check out The Bluff cafe at Burleigh heads. (Next to the beautiful but somewhat empty Burleigh Old Theatre Arcade) they have a frequent flyer card you can earn freebies with. The service was great the ambience relaxed and the food delicious.

Yes it’s Fathers Day. Mine is not here now, but I feel his influence and love him dearly. Enjoy yours while you’ve got him.

Remember, I am thinking if you (heart) Jane