You can buy your VIRTUAL TICKET now!

Are you a Blogger? A Blogger with a small business? Are you heading for Queensland next month? The annual training event run by *Problogger, aka Darren Rowse, and commonly referred to as #pbevent  is about to happen. PLEASE CLICK TO READ THE REST OF WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN…

If you cannot make it in person you don’t have to miss out….

Yes this year the event is on the Gold Coast, where we are currently having perfect weather. When you attend VIRTUALLY the weather doesn’t matter.

As a Social Media Consultant I have urged my clients to attend. 4 have signed up.   I will attend Virtually.

My heart, yes ♥ won”t allow me to attend physically. I have an attendee coming to stay for this great event and I am the transport for 2 of them, so I will get all the excitement.

I first came across Problogger a few years ago when I joined 499 other people around the world to learn from and complete ’31 Days to Build a Better Blog’

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I remain in contact with many of the other participant. Some have become good friends. I have also attended on-line webinars run by Problogger.

Just a few days ago I came across this


Darren Rowse on Dreams at the WDS

WDS is a worldwide gathering of creative, unconventional people. Every summer, the group descends on Portland, Oregon for several days of speakers, workshops, meetups, and fun.

Visit WDS

and my mind went into hyper-activity.

For those of you just starting or about to start up an on-line business. I recommend your purchase this

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For the next month, and beyond, Problogger, Dreams and my heart are on my mind. Because of my illnesses, and especially the damage to my heart, I did not Dream when I was a kid. I did not plan for my future. I didn’t expect to have one. I DO NOW! I dream, I dream BIG.

It is never too late. To Dream. Start now. Sign up for a Virtual Ticket, learn and then make your dreams come true.

Remember, I am thinking of you.


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