Some of you may be aware I turned myself into a social media consultant and I’ve actually been rather busy. I found that life had given me the skills and I find great satisfaction as I assist others – mainly women – in making their dreams come to life. Particularly in walking beside the dreamer as they take their idea from concept to launching their business.

(Contact me on Twitter @JaneofAustralia if you need my services.)

However I’m not forgotten about ‘A String of Pearls’ and organised a few interviews over the next few weeks, for your enjoyment and inspiration.

I’m excited that the Problogger training will be happening here on the Gold Coast. Many of you are familiar with Darren Rouse from @problogger – indeed some of you I met through doing one of his courses. The annual training is to be not far from me and so I’ve organised to interview a few successful women that will be attending that training in September.

I’m especially looking forward to meeting with Jess Van Den – we have been talking of this for a long time – many of you know that has the very successful business Epheriell  and her Northern Hemisphere Summer. 

I hope to introducing you to a couple of my clients who have about to launch very creative businesses. More about them later.

Women are wonderfully entrepreneurial. If you have a concept, an idea, indeed a passion about something that you really want to do, there is a way to turn it into a productive business. Talk to me and begin the journey away from the life you have, and towards the life you want.

I wanted to talk about something that I’ve been asked a lot about lately

I have several friends and acquaintances that are suffering from inconvenient pain and annoying illness. Some are facing life threatening struggles. All have had their lives wrenched away from the familiar.

Having myself experienced a lifetime of illness I found that I been able to give a couple of suggestions that have apparently helped. Especially with regard to coping with some of the frustrations that come from being unwell and being limited in the things that you can do, or might wish to do.

This is an attitude I developed over the years of trying to be efficient and effective whilst coping with a body that wouldn’t go where my mind would go.

Simply put it is this:

On the bad days you plan and on good days you do.

This enables you to be productive no matter what kind of day you are having

My garden took planning.

 It’s a Bad Day.

On the bad days, have a notebook with you and just jot down a few ideas if you can’t focus very long.

Use an egg timer or similar, even the timer on your phone is effective. Set it for five or 10 minutes and spend that 5 or 10 minutes focused on thinking about whatever it is the most pressing to you. It might be something that you need to organise for your home or in your business. It might be something that you have to plan. Perhaps an upcoming event.  It could be the household shopping list. Spend time thinking about whatever it is, make a couple of notes, make a list and then rest -you might only be available to do five or 10 minutes in a day if you really unwell.

However over the period of a week you’ll find that you’ve been quite efficient and organised a few things in your mind and in your notebook.

Now for the Good Days.

When you wake up and you’re feeling good, you already know what you will be working on as you’ve done the thinking and preparation. Turn to your notebook, to the most pressing subject or category. It might be home or personal or even business. Now begin to work on that project.

Due to your bad-day preparations the way to proceed ought to be clear and precise. If it is not clear and precise you have at least begun the process and can go on from there.

All these events required planning. Not all by me, however they were planned.

The Carpenters law

This law states: measure twice cut once. This means you really need to think about what you doing before you going to do it.

When not feeling well we need to use our energy wisely and so thinking something through even if you have to take to 3 sessions to think it through on the bad days means that when you get to a good day you ought to be able to be very productive.

I often found a second or third thinking session about a particular subject was beneficial. This allows me a look at it from different angles, to find the weaknesses and fix them. Find any loopholes find any difficulties.

Just a couple of other thoughts.

Opportunities to be productive can be found in unusual circumstances.

I remember going for a CAT scan.  Although I cannot remember why I needed the test I was told I would need to be completely still and silent for 30 minutes. I told the technician, that’s okay; I’m going to plan Christmas.

While the test was completed I relaxed and shut my eyes and worked my way through my Christmas list. I planned to Christmas card list. I made a gift list. I decided on a colour theme. I set the table; I discovered I didn’t have the right coloured serviettes or candles. I reorganised the living room to accommodate the extra people, indeed I made all the plans needed. After the test was over and I went to the car I got out my notebook, wrote down the things I had organised in my mind during the test.

Christmas took quite some planning.

Of course there are illnesses and circumstances and days when we can’t think or do anything. When we just have to lay still and be patient. Hopefully these will pass quickly and you can start the Good Day – Bad Day concept. But remember that even when you think you are doing nothing, you are (hopefully) working your way towards health…

Herophilos said

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” Note he did not list the capacity to think, or plan. 

And to close here is my winter project. The first step in making Christmas Summer Sauce. It’s July when I start. Where I live it is winter. Summer is December. So is Christmas.


Remember, I am thinking of you.