What do you do when a bride to be is a little stressed out? You take her to get a manicure and pedicure of course.

This was only my second time getting a pedicure and my very first time to get a manicure.We sat in our assigned seats and looked at what colour nail polish we should choose. We were asked how warm we wanted the water. It was discussed just what kind of manicure we’d get. Everything was done in preparation for our relaxing experience. I had even worn open toed shoes so as not to smudge the polish on my toes when we were finished.

The girls fused about getting the polish we wanted (we were going for French tips both on our toes and fingernails if you were wondering) then they started getting the creams ready they would be using. I tested the water with my toes. It was a perfect temperature. I was beginning to relax just in anticipation for what was to come. I could see the stress on my friends face start to disappear.

It was time to begin. The girl who was performing my pedicure began to roll up pants legs before submerging my feet completely in the water.

I stiffened and any thoughts of relaxing flew right out the window as I just realized….I FORGOT TO SHAVE MY LEGS!!!!