Do you have days when you just want to arrive?  You know they say the journey is more important than the destination, I am not so sure. There are moments and days when I think ok I have had enough of travelling. Let me off.

Then there are the times when I can see the station/terminal call it what you will and the train slows    right    down     to a           v e r y   v  e  r  y   s l o w   rolling  in to the  next  stop.

You have gathered your belongings, stuffed wrappers and water bottle into a pocket. Your keys are in the other pocket and now you have to wait. What are you waiting for? The Planets to Align. For round pegs to drop into round holes. For information. For news. For a certain event. Your whole life is on hold. HOLD I say. You wait. You hope. You try to distract yourself. You feel every emotion ever invented, and maybe invent some news ones. You try to look brave. You try to look like you are remaining calm. In time you learn to be calm. Outside. And in. But those slow rolling into stations still happen. Kind of an Abraham-Moment for those of you who remember your bible stories. He has bound Isaac –  his long-awaited son –  laid him on an altar, knife in hand is ready to sacrifice him as per the Commandment he has been given….then right when he is about to act he is stopped. He sees the a ram in the nearby bushes and so Isaac is spared. It’s a story about testing faith. About believing. Believing in yourself too.

There is that saying Don’t be afraid to go out on the limb. That’s where the fruit is. Same kind of thing but in this one you have to do something. The doing can release the stress, the worry. Distract you from the what ifs. Getting the what ifs under control is a real challenge. When you do that word empowered will flash in your eyes, or your brain, but mostly in your heart. When it happens write it down. Go back to it. It’s like the shampoo instructions, apply rinse and repeat. Just skip the rinse.


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