This weekend I have had the opportunity to interview some fantastic entreprenuiral woman.

450 people are attending the Problogger Training Event (find  and follow on Twitter as #pbevent)

The greater number of these attendees are women. We are on day 2 now.

What are the benefits of foyering and serendipping or what are they you may ask?  This weekend I have been ‘Foyering’. This is my new word for hanging out in a hotel foyer and meeting by Twitter invite, happy accident, perhaps even serendipping, many of these women.  Look what they were served on Day One.

I am excited to bring you these interviews. I am hoping my interview with an ‘accidental entrepreneur’ will be a podcast.

If you are new here, welcome. You are amongst friends. I’d love you to Subscribe so you will not miss any of the interviews coming up.  Yes, I have an interview with the lady at the top of the world.  We can all learn a lot from her.

We are heading out for Italian tonight. Then it’s recovery-mode tomorrow. Brunch on my terrace and a trip to the airport.

Oh by the way a lovely young friend, Juli, in USA, is in hospital, with machines and medications trying to stop or at least slow down her far-to-early contractions. She is about 28 weeks. Baby needs a few more weeks yet. Would you say a prayer, light a candle or what-so-ever you do for this young mum and her baby. She has 2 little girls at home and an anxious husband. Thank you.

*I am delighted to report that the contractions have stopped and Juli has returned home. Her mother has flown in to help out.

I will be back soon, meantime, remember, I am thinking of you. Especially you, Juli.