a list is being made…the interviews are taking place and when winter arrives* the relaunch will begin.

I really like the television program Grand Designs. I also enjoy Grand Designs revisited, where the very erudite Kevin returns to see how things have worked out. This is most interesting to see the home, now well established and to hear how the occupants have settled in. How is the reality compared to the dream?

I blame my father for this fascination. He was an architect. Mainly of hospitals, however in my young childhood he was a mad keen DIY man. (well before that tag) Living in the midst of renovations cured me of wanting to engage in the practice but did leave me with a curiosity about the process. Actually it is the dream to reality journey that engages me. It does not have to be house construction.

In life it’s true that Pearls in all seasons is the way to go.

In this season of ‘A String of Pearls’ I invite you to join me as we revisit 2 amazing women. They are both achieving incredible things that will delight, and quite possibly inspire you.

Plus we have some exciting new stories to share….

*winter in Australia starts in June.

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