It is 11th September in the Southern Hemisphere.  (*Note to Australian indigenous readers: this article includes an image of a deceased person) Some time during August/September 2011 I read an interview in which it was suggested in remembering the tragedy of 9/11 we focus on the people. Those that never came home, that were never heard of again. Making the global personal, in essence. So here I am, Remembering The Jane’s of 9/11


Not knowing how or why I went in search of the list of victims, and looked for a Jane.

I found Jane S Beatty

This year I have found Jane Ellen Baeszler.

Read other tributes to this Jane

I found this information re Jane

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Jane Ellen Baeszler made it her first priority on Primary Day, Sept. 11, to be out at a voting booth. At age 43, the lifelong Randall Manor resident had recently become politically active.

A volunteer for the campaign of City Council hopeful Michael McMahon, Ms. Baeszler had planned to spend that evening waiting for the voting returns with her brother, John, also a campaign volunteer.

Her mother said “”My son talked to her about 7:30 that morning because they were hoping to meet after work, hoping that Mike McMahon would win and they would go out to celebrate. That was her thought for the day,” added Mrs. Baeszler. Ms. Baeszler is currently among those listed as missing. She has not been heard from since the attacks that leveled the Trade Center.

She enjoyed needlepoint and music, and was an avid reader.

“She was a devoted and loving aunt to her two nieces, Annie-Laurie and Molly, and one nephew, Patrick,” said her aunt, Doris McCahill. “She was a wonderful granddaughter, a devoted daughter to her parents, she was a wonderful sister, and reached out to every member in her family as well as to her friends. She had a great love for her family.” 

This year I will be thinking of these two women who have the same name as me. I will pause and consider the lives the led, the dreams they may have had. The hopes and wishes that were cut short through the events of 11th September in New York City.

I found this memorial and thought it very poignant.

Tomorrow, 9/11 New York time, we will publish an article from Mark, a resident of New York’s Staten Island. He is our newest Team Writer.