Rather amazingly October has rolled around already, this year seems to be progressing very very quickly. Here at A String of Pearls we are about to resume normal broadcasting, so to speak.

I have a new home. I have named it Serendipity. A little search reveals that Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it. Or on the way to something else. A happy accident. (Please Note ” ” marks were in the above were not added by me)

I’m steadily unpacking boxes. I received a great deal of help with the actual move and it’s happening again at this stage. I enjoy finding just the right place for the treasures and memories of my life. I had made a list of 14 wants/needs I required in a new residence. This was the first place I looked at and it had all 14. There are a couple of draw backs but I didn’t find them until I was here. I now know that assuming there will be a service lift in a building is not a fair assumption. Hearty thanks to the fantastic moving team.

In between digging through boxes I’m reading some Jane Austen spin-offs. I’m rather enjoying this one. Do you read these?

Some dear friends lost a much loved member of their family. We all have hearts that can love and through that we risk heartbreak and sorrow. Yet while we shed tears for a person or a pet and grieve when they are gone we have within us, forever, the sweet memories. I love this photo of Seth and Lacey.

Finally I was recently reminded about the need to have in place those little things that can make a big difference. Today I refilled the lollie tin in my car glovebox, which is there (mostly) for people with diabetes and the occasional distressed child.


Gayle is our Photographer of the Month and will be sharing the beauty if the city she lives in. We are sure you will love her work. Also we are excited to bring you our interview with Melissa from Hawaii.

Mark, Rosemary and Tammy have all sent in further stories.

Wether you are warming up in Spring or cooling down for Fall/Autumn,


I am thinking of you.