I had not planned to write again this year, however in the light of the tragic events in Newtown Connecticut I find my thoughts have moved to other aspects of Christmas. The aspects of Christmas I celebrate privately.  In my heart. And I have been thinking of you.

When I wrote HERE of ways to ease the ache of your empty arms and seasonal loneliness I did not think that so many families would have freshly broken hearts. That a nation, if not the world would have reason to recoil.

(From font page and above  Greg Olsen’s beautiful art works)

Somehow we have to move on from the shock and horror. Some how this little town will hold 26 funerals during this, the week before Christmas. I cannot not grasp that.
The Christmas trees will still sparkle, the gifts will remain wrapped. The cheer will hang in the air. The families will remember other Christmas seasons.

One day at a time they, and we will move forward. We can do this.

These beautiful children and their inspirational teachers who have been called Home to God.
We are left here. What can we do?
Perhaps we might watch over our children a little more,  watch over all children. Not smother them. Just be a little more aware. A little more observant.

President Obama spoke at the Newtown Memorial Service. This is a Tweet from his address.

We can live in hope and faith. We can refuse to be broken by this and other such events. We can pray for comfort for these families. For our families.
Pray for courage for the national leaders who must address serious issues.

We can embrace what Christmas is about. Really about. 
It’s about the birth of a baby called Jesus. A baby that would grow and change the world. A man who would show us a better way. That would give us hope. That through the giving of His Life would show us that our lives will be eternal.
And in that we can know that these children yet live. We will all live. Just not here.           But not so far away.

Jesus said ‘Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.’

John 14:27 (I added the italics)

Cry through your prayers, Light a candle, hold a hand, be brave and smile.  Look to each other. Look to tomorrow

May there be moments of Merry in your Christmas.

~ Thinking of you ~ Jane