Before I tell you about what is to come, let me share what happened last year. But while you are up here, what do you think of the new header?

Last year:

I gave up sugar
I lost a lot of weight
I had a couple of dinner parties
I made two new friends
I went to a Grand Dinner

I wrote an English Historical Novella.

I felt safe
I stood my ground
I had good surgical & medical reviews
I got my hair right (at long last)
I bought a juicer
I learned to wear my hair up
I settled in Gold Coast Hinterland.

I became a social media consultant.

I got paid for it.
I let someone help me
I changed. I understood re my voice: silent within & spoken
I found my heart

I fixed my voice: silent within & spoken

I shed some tears
I found my home

I started journaling again
I fixed the rocking chairs
I clicked with a special little girl who loves to garden.
I won best 1950’s costume.
I found me
I learned some photo-shop skills

Hayley and Daniel taught me more
I learned to make Twitter backgrounds
I learned that travel is tough on me
I learned to download TV shows I want to watch (not movies)
I got to know Nick Juli and the girls
I was invited into a few specialist Facebook groups
Kylie, Tammy, Rosemary, Karl & Danny came into my life

And Daniel

Also Angela and Jesse, and Steven in Melbourne

So did Gayle

As did Arthur
I got wifi iPhone 5 and a landline

I was given a yacht
I earned my 1st smc money
I kept my power bill low

It was a great exercise to look back at what I had accomplished. I looked across all aspects of my life.

I know it’s February, but how did you do last year? Did you reflect back before you planned forward?

I’ve made comprehensive goals in a long list of areas in my life. I could do that because I first looked back.

Sure I made a list of where I could do better.  But I am not sharing that here. That’s just for me. It is not along as the above list but it is significant.

Over all of my goals I have placed this statement.


Happy & Healthy. Empowered & Successful. 

I love this image, found on social media and emailed to me.

copyright to Elizabeth