Good morning, afternoon or evening. I hope the above image didn’t alarm you. Yet I hope it motivates you. When it was said to me recently, it startled me.

The last you heard from me I was making goals and plans for this year. Let me catch you up.

Queensland, where I live had a serious stretch of wet weather. Just 2 years after devastating floods the area was struck again. (Other areas have had natural disasters to deal with.) People that had barely gotten over the 2011 crisis were hit again and hard.
For me the rain was just a frustration. Until I slipped on Australia Day, 26th January. The consequences of that almost fall have been painful and difficult. This has caused me to slow down somewhat.
However, I didn’t have a goal to be distance runner or walk every morning so that’s ok.  To be more correct it’s not that I had a slow down rather a re-direct.

As I announced – way back in December – it was time for a change around here.  I wanted a cleaner less cluttered yet elegant look. I hope you like my choice.

If you are reading this on the site you will see the new look.  If not, please  click here to take a look.
Don’t be too impressed though. My web support team over at Outstanding SetUp made the transition for me. I just made the choice, sent the email and then made a few more for minor adjustments. I then went onto my WordPress Dashboard and made some minor alterations that I knew how to do, from the days when I used to do it all. Very Easy. If you are looking for FANTASTIC EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT website support click on the OUTSTANDING SETUP button in the right sidebar. They Host and Support. And for an amazingly affordable price.

The categories I listed for 2013 (after I had looked back over 2012 in my last post) are:
in no particular order…
Physical environment, Health, Finance, Social Life/Relationships, Personal Growth, Work, Writing, Homestay and Home environment.
Each heading has a brief statement of overall intent and then bullet points which are specific goals.

I’ve just had a chuckle at the Physical intent. ‘To feel personal empowerment through sustained physical activity all year round’. Well, so far, that’s not happening although it was when I wrote it. I however, I remain ever optimistic.
It is to be remembered these are my goals. I created them. I can adjust them. Not to indulge myself but rather to refine them. It should be the same for you.

As I said, under the statement are bullet point goals. I have reviewed the 1st Quarter (I did quite well) and am setting the 2nd quarter specific goals now.

The fine touch, that final tweaking of a website, a set of goals, a heart-felt attitude are most important. They are what bring that personal element to the task at hand.   I have seen food prepared for a buffet meal. The many platters of delicious foods were carried to the serving tables. The guests were soon to arrive. Finally the chef for the event entered the room, and as we watched (and I marvelled)  she made a few adjustments to the presentation. Voilà, we had before us a charming banquet.  The fine touch is a powerful moment and ought not to be overlooked.

Easter has come and gone,. No doubt you will have eaten some chocolate, enjoyed the company of family and friends. You may have taken some time to attend church or reflect upon what Easter is really about. You might not be a Christian, you might not even know anyone who is, yet the chances are you will know this is the Easter season.
You may just be glad of a long weekend. You might have found this time depressing, another part of the year that is empty and lonely for you. Perhaps you have shed some tears. Perhaps you feel unsafe, for any number of reasons. Perhaps you feel things will never improve, that no one even thinks of you.
You might be surprised.
Tomorrow will dawn and you will have a new day. What will you make of it? What can you decide today to prepare for the morrow?
Start with your heart…go from there. Surprise yourself. If sharing it will help, write me a comment. I can read and not publish what you share.
For those of you who have had an almost picture perfect few days remember to not take if for granted.
For the Christian women amongst us, I hope that you have found some moments for reflection, to feel gratitude in your heart for the sacrifice that has been made for you, to believe it. To allow,that belief to temper your choices and actions.
As women I hope, as always, that your tender hearts will allow you to reach out to each other. Where ever you see or discern a hurting heart. That you will give what you can, do what you are able, be it a gesture or a smile, perhaps a reassuring word. Or something more tangible.


Next up: the Interviews begin.

Remember, as always, I am thinking of you. ♥ Jane