If you have an opportunity to attend/watch/participate in a webinar I would suggest you do. Even if the subject is on the edge of your area of interest, rather than totally on target.

Here are my  6  best reasons for women to attend webinars

1. All you need is a computer and internet/wifi and you are an attendee.  No ghastly shirt to wear, no awful hotel, no airport hassles. (Some require pre registration – I found my current favourites via Twitter)

2. There are always things to learn. We never know everything.

3. You will meet, and maybe connect to new people, in or near the area of your focus. Or completely different.

4. They cannot see you. You can attend in your PJs if you want to. Sitting on your couch eating as well.(Make sure they cannot see you, on Skype you may be seen. PJs and cereal are not a professional look.)

5.  A Bad hair day? See Number 4.

6. If you are across the world, viewing time might be a more convenient for your region.


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