Where I live we are well into Springtime. For many of you it is the same, whilst for others Fall has started and the beauty of the season is displayed as leaves turn from green to orange and amber. I was given this lovely spring gift of colour.

I have been on an unscheduled break dealing with pressing matters. Time to move on…We have wonderful articles to share with you and more interesting interviews, including with a young woman from Hawaii. Also soon I will have exciting news to share regarding the launch of A String of Pearls phase 2.



Tammy has recommended writing for us now that she is settled on the Eastern side of USA’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

Rosemary from Canada has taken a huge step a improved her life in an amazing way

Mark has more to share from New York.

News of other Team Writers.

Kyle in Manchester is on a break for health reasons, we send her our love and wishes for comfort and a speedy recovery.

Wendy has just taken a leap of faith as a less than 24 hour deadline loomed. We wish her well knowing every woman needs a Fairy Godmother. That’s her not us.


While on my break, I was given a ticket to go whale watching. These amazing creatures swim North to mate and give birth and South again to colder waters to eat. Pregnancy is year long process with no food whilst on the Northward journey. We travelled some 8 miles out from the Gold Coast and set to looking hard for telltale signs, though we hardly knew what they were. Fabulous well experienced crew members discerned differences we could not see and eventually we found 2 pods. Mothers and babies swam around us. The day was mild really but for some the white caps and associated swell were over powering and they were downstairs at the rear with their paper bags. My sea legs if yesterday year kicked in and I loved the whole experience, including the memories of childhood sailing with dad.

I met a lovely couple from just up the coast a bit. We talked about everything from whales to travel and the current State Government’s actions to apparently save money. Once back at the dock I was delighted to see that amongst the passengers was a lady in a wheelchair. I thought how far we’ve come in providing what is needed for people with physical limitations. Sadly we often see how far we have yet to go…

The 1st photo is what the day looked like. The 2nd is what we hoped to see but didn’t. It just the luck of the day. There are laws to protect the whales and boats cannot come within 100 metres of them and only side on. They are social creatures with excellent hearing so we were encouraged to yell shout whistle and wave our arms, which we did. It worked. The two mothers with their calves came to check us out and swam beside us for a while. I’d like to thank the generous tall people that pulled me infront of, or up before them that I might see.

Don’t forget I’m thinking if you, see you tomorrow ~ Jane