Remember when the first cell phones (mobile phones in Australia/Hnady in Germany) were the size of a brick?

So you remember when the only thing you could do with your mobile phone was make a phone call?Now with a smart-phone you can call, email, search, tweet, Facebook, pay your bills, plan, take photos, play games, calculate, find where you are, read a book, use a torch etc etc

what are you favourite apps?What apps do you really actually use – daily?

but this is not a post about what cool/groovy apps to add. This is about this

Smartphone danger: Distracted parenting.

There was a time when concerns were expressed about Sesame Street causing children to have limited or at least decreased attention spans. Then it was Gen Y thing. What’s happening now?

‘Now I hate to put the phone down. I’m an addict. I love, love, love, love my phone. Maybe more than I love you.’ (Katia Hetter)

How many of you agreed with that? It’s a worry isn’t it? Or is it? so, are you addicted or are you communicating? Are you just being efficient? Or have you become rude and insensitive? Who is next to you in real life, that’s REAL LIFE? Do you ignore actual living people, family, friends etc and communicate with people who are not with you right now? Do you panic if you can’t see your phone. Right. Now? If that’s the case, maybe you are addicted. Or is your phone the way you enhance your communications, allows you to keep in touch and be efficient outside of your home?

read the article here it details the problem and offers solutions.

and the Stanford Article by Adam GorlickĀ  ‘Attention, multitaskers (if you can pay attention, that is): Your brain may be in trouble…’

Are you addicted or know someone who is?

Who/what have you ignored to use your smart phone instead?

Think you’ve got a good defence? We are listening….

  • Jane