Publishing a new interview next week.

As we progress through the days weeks and months of  the year, as we plan and work toward our goals, ambitions and dreams, it is as if we are threading pearls…

Many of you are entering into spring, snow is melting, flowers popping up,  trees sprouting a fresh green cloak. Where I live there is very little that is evidence of autumn. Sub tropical foliage does not drop its leaves. However, my garden is growing nicely. LIKE our Facebook page for regular updates…I post photographs there and to Instagram Follow me there too.

I have just completed some 48 hours in bed. I am not sick but exhaustion was mounting up and up, mostly from the knee pain. Of course I was not so much in bed, as on it. With my laptop, iPad and i5. I managed to complete a long list of small tasks, and get a lot of sleep. The ultra sound and  X-ray revealed what is really going on. Now the accupuncture and naturopath potions are at work.

I organised a few more specific short-term goals in relation to my long-term goals. Made a lot of phone calls. Caught up in iView TV shows I have missed, and even read an actual book.

I also completed a few interviews. The first of which will be published next week.

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We will begin with the lovely and talented writer Alycia Neighbours. Alycia generously gave of her time, and shared some interesting insights, and her delightful humour. Or humor if your prefer.

If you are on my interview list you will be hearing from me soon. If you are not on it and you wish to be, leave me a comment. The only qualification is that you are a woman.

Before I go, I want to mention and encourage you to check out, EatPicks. Kelly is on Instagram – where she runs the fabulous #eatpicksphotoaday foodie challenge which I take part in.